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Did you know?


  • Every year almost 2,000,000 people die of TB worldwide.
  • This makes TB one of the top ten causes of death for the human race.
  • Over sixty percent of TB cases in Tanzania go undetected and many people who are sick and die never realized they suffered from TB.
  • Tanzania is one of only 22 countries (of the 196 countries worldwide) that still has a high prevalence of TB.


However, we know for sure that TB can be prevented and cured and that Tanzania can be a TB FREE country - most countries already are!



Help us get rid of TB in Tanzania!


dalili kifua kikuu 

To eradicate TB in Tanzania first of all we need to make the general public aware of the danger and the symptoms of TB, so that they can get tested as soon as possible. Special attention needs to be paid to most at risk groups like drug users and sex workers, to make sure there are no hidden herds of TB left.
Second of all we need to improve our health services by increasing the awareness among medical staff and by increasing funds for tests and medication.
Last but not least there should be more support for TB patients who are on medication, to make sure they finish the whole treatment.
This can be explained by the 90-(90)-90 strategy:
'When 90 percent of all people with TB are reached and in care, and 90 percent of all most at risk people are reached and in care, and 90 percent of all people with TB can succesfully finish their treatment, new TB infections can be prevented and TB can be eradicated.'


Our work

Mukikute works hard to achieve these goals by giving clear information about TB to the general public and most at risk groups in society. We also offer testing and treatment services for both HIV and TB and by being a patient led organization we support patients who are currently on treatment, and people who have just finished their treatment.

Furthermore we advocate with the government, media and stakeholders to increase the sense of emergency. We urge them to create more funds to prevent new infections, get more people on treatment and create support to have more people finish their treatment.