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LHL International received the sad message that Ms. Rehema Mpili, unexpectedly and so early in life passed away October 7th.

Ms Mpili was an engaged human being, with a warm heart of understanding for other people. She was a driving force in Mukikute in ensuring access to care and treatment for the most-at-risk population. Ms. Mpili shared her story as an inspiration for others. She also utilized the opportunities she got through courses and trainings to improve the situation of women and other vulnerable people in her community, and to claim her rights.

Reheema was energetic and positive, and said "welcome" in an enthusiastic manner to visitors and patients. She managed to complete her education as a nurse, and used her own life experience to create an atmosphere of confidence and trust among those who are used to being ignored and asked to get away. She managed to mobilize others to engage in the fight against TB and Hiv in the community.

Reheema at Mukikute Gender workshop October 2014

Reheema Mpili will continue to be an example in the stories LHL International uses in promoting peer work and health communication in the fight against stigma and discrimination. Openness and trust are key factors in fighting the global TB epidemic. When former TB patients and Hiv positive people come forward and tell openly that life is good if you get help from the health care system, and that treatment is available free of costs, this creates hope and access for others. Openness is also a powerful tool against stigma, misconceptions and discrimination.


Reheema with one of her clients that she followed up very closely so that he could complete his TB treatment uninterrupted.

Reheema and others from the TB Club in Rangitatu 2011.


We are sorry for Reheema Mpili's family members, patients and for Mukikute who lost one of its experienced volunteers. Let us all work together to bring Reheema's spirit and values further in the fight against tuberculosis in Tanzania.