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Making room for TB prevention

There are still many challenges in Tanzania, that prevent TB from being eradicated in our country. Mukikute is fully aware of that and, in collaboration with our partners, aims to address to issues with advocacy campaigns directed at the government, media and stakeholders in the field.

At the same time we want to increase the awareness about TB and HIV among the general population, by communicating directly with (potential) TB patients and by having (former) TB patients acting as peers. We also want to mobilise the community, increase the community support for people with TB/ HIV, and set up more support groups.


In 2017 Mukikute will address the following issues in our advocacy campaigns:


Increase the knowledge about and awareness of TB
Even though tuberculosis is one of the main causes of death in the country, it is virtually not mentioned in mainstream media. Mukikute wants to address this and will advocate for more media coverage. Together with our efforts to communicate with the general population directly and organise groups on a local level, this should increase awareness of how serious the problem is. Eventually our goal is to get 90 percent of people who feel any of the five signs of TB tested, and to get at least 90 percent of those tested positive in treatment.


Health facilities prioritize TB
Ideally health facilities in the country should test for TB as soon as someone comes in with a fever or one of the other signs of TB. Unfortunately testing for TB is less common than testing for malaria, because many health care facilities have an overload of patients and are understaffed.
Also many health care facilities don't have enough funds to buy the medication that is necessary to treat TB. This means that not everyone who is diagnosed with TB will actually receive treatment. Mukikute aims to advocate with government and donors to improve this situation.


Increase funds for TB
Mukikute takes part in policy meetings and strategic planning sessions of the National TB and Leprose Program (NTLP) of the government. With this program the government wants to prioritize TB, but it there is a lack of funds to succesfully support all measures necessary. Mukikute wants to advocate to make more funds available and make the program really effective.