Picture: Mia Collis via Medecins du Monde, Dar Es Salaam


People who use drugs


There are estimated 30,000 people who inject drugs (PWID) in Tanzania, among who an 36 percent are living with HIV. PWID in Tanzania inject heroin and many times use their drugs in small, crowded, unventilated rooms, which increases their risk of TB infection. Especially for those who are living with HIV. Also people who smoke either heroin or crack cocaine are more at risk of getting infected with TB. In 2012 - 2013 eighteen percent of drug users tested positive for TB and among the PWUD living with HIV tuberculosis was the main cause of death.


drug users mukikute


Mukikute started its first drop in center for people who use drugs (PWUD) in the Keko area of Dar Es Salaam (see picture on top of the page) in 2012. PWUD were welcomed to the centre for health services, to change their used syringes for new ones and for education on safe use, safe sex and prevention of infectious diseases. Mukikute since then opened five more drop in centres for drug users in the Temeke (2),  Ilala (2)  and Kinondoni districts of Dar Es Salaam. The drop in centres now each have 30-40 visitors a day.


Women are special
By the end of 2015 Mukikute was also involved in opening two drop in centres especially for women, that are situated in an area with a high number of sex workers and Women Who Use Drugs (WWUD). This was done after Mukikute created special opening hours for WWUD Mukikute in several drop in centres and realized there was a need. The service is necessary because WWUD experience far more stigma than PWUD in general, are more vulnerable and therefore more difficult to reach.