Credit: Mia Collis via  Medecins du Monde, Dar Es Salaam


Sex workers


There are an estimated 150,000 female sex workers (FSW) in Tanzania, of whom 26 percent are living with HIV. Being stigmatized in society makes that these women don't make use of the regular health services. This is why in 2015 Mukikute started her first drop in centres especially for women in both Kigamboni and Charamba area of Dar Es Salaam. The centers service sex workers (SW) en women who use drugs (WWUD) and focus mainly on


  • HIV/ Aids testing and counseling
    A big number of SW and WWUD are living with HIV. Estimates go up to 60 percent of these women that live with HIV. Testing and counseling is therefore our main activity in these centres.


  • Condom distribution
    To make people aware of the importance of condom use, and make condom use easy, we distribute free condoms to all our visitors.


  • Referral services
    We refer people who are sick to health services at our partners, who have installed special hours for women and guarantee to treat women without stigmatizing them.


  • TB & STI testing
    TB and Sexual Transmitted Infections are common among this group, and testing is an important service.


  • Training
    We provide trainings on behavioral change, communication and gender based violence. They are aimed especially at the women who visit our centers, in an attempt to empower them and allow them to take more control over their lives.


  • Family planning
    We provide women who visit our centers with long- and short-term methods of family planning, such as birth control pills or shots.