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At the core


Mukikute is proud to be a patient organisation, which means (former) TB patients are at the core of our organisation. International research has shown that this is one of the most effective ways to lay out TB interventions.

Mukikute was founded, made big and up to this day is run by (former) TB patients. This means we know firsthand what it means to suffer from TB, and are fully aware of the challenges TB patients face on a daily basis. This enables us to adjust our services exactly to the needs of TB patients.

Mukikute is a so called grassroots organisation, that works together with our partners in the field. We are working with over forty smaller patients organisations spread all over the country. For example:


  • A TB PATIENT organisation in the Kilimanjaro region of Mirerani. This is a mining area with 600 miners camps, and TB is rampant in these camps. Sometimes 40 diggers work together in one hole and TB can spread easily. Miners know about HIV, but have little knowledge on TB. Mukikute offers education, screening and testing services and works together with district health officers to ensure treatment and cater to other medical needs. 


  • A TB CLUB IN Tunduma on the Tanzanian-Zambian border. In Tunduma there is a lot of movement of people with truck drivers crossing the border and sex workers catering to their needs. This makes Tunduma an area with a high prevalence of HIV and TB. Mukikute is working together with Zambian community organisations to screen and refer people with symptoms to health facilities. We also follow up on people who have stopped their treatment, educate the community and make them aware of the need to get tested on HIV and TB.


  • A TB ORGANISATION in Mwanza, which is reaching out to teach the local fishing community on how to prevent, test and treat TB. Health is not a priority for this community, even though they show risky sexual behavior. They avoid health facilities due to stigma. Once diagnosed with TB fisherman have trouble completing their treatment. The TB club members support them by taking medication to them at the lakeshore every day and remind them about their appointments for ARV treatment and follow ups. On the other hand we have trained sex workers as peer educators to help train their colleagues on prevention and issues around TB.


Members of the TB Patient Club at ...


  • DIFFERENT TB PATIENT clubs in both cities and rural areas all over the country. This clubs try to make the general population aware of Tuberculosis and HIV and guide people towards screening, testing and treatment. In Dar Es Salaam TB clubs are also reaching out to most at risk groups like drug users, sex workers and truck drivers. For more information about this, check our page on Most at Risk Groups.