Creating a future
In 2015 Mukikute has trained 200 former TB patients to set up their own business and enabled them to generate their own income after finishing their TB treatment. This was done because Mukikute witnessed how TB treatment caused patients to lose their jobs, get separated from their families or chased out of their homes. As such we see the need to teach them new skills on basis of their own needs and wishes. Mukikute empowers these people by creating a source of income, which increases their ability to support other TB patients, educate them and help them during testing and treatment.
On request
Groups of former TB patients who have organized themselves, usually put in a request for support to set up a business. They will tell Mukikute their idea, after which:
  • Mukikute sets up a skills training adapted to their needs. We for example found experts on soap making for a group that wanted to start a soap making business in 2016. In the skills training they also learn how to organize themselves and prevent conflicts.

  • Mukikute sets up a financial training that teaches them how to sustain themselves, how to run a business, how to manage their finances properly and how to create a bank account, put their savings there or request for a loan with their bank.

  • After finishing the trainings the group receives a startup capital to get their business going.


Mukikute is supporting ten TB groups per year. Businesses realized vary from shops to hair dressers to soap making.