kujikinga tb


Preventing TB - together we can!


To make sure people are not dying from TB anymore, everyone can take a few steps to prevent infection in the first place.


1. Make sure your children are vaccinated

TB vaccination is part of the national vaccination plan. That makes a huge difference. However, these vaccinations are only effective for 18 years, and should be repeated after that. Unfortunately vaccination of adults is not very common in Tanzania, because you need to be absolutely sure someone is not infected with TB before giving the vaccination.
Another downside to the vaccination is that it is not a hundred percent effective. Which means a small minority of children will still get infected. Make sure to have your child tested if it shows any of the five signs! Research shows that of all children with TB 91 percent still goes undetected.TB positive2


2. Avoid crowded, unventilated rooms

TB bacteria are airborne, which means they float in tiny water droplet in the air. Being near someone with TB while being outside will not cause a great danger, because these bacteria will just blow with the wind and disappear without doing any harm. But when you unknowingly share a crowded, unventilated room with a TB patient, these bacteria have nowhere to go! Your chance of getting infected increases greatly. This means to avoid for example tv rooms or sharing closed rooms with a lot of people. If that's not possible make sure to open the windows and let fresh air blow through. 


3. Use a tissue

Always use a tissue when coughing or sneezing. If you don't have one, sneeze in your upper sleeve or in a kanga. Never cough or sneeze with open mouth, and rather use fabric than just your hands to sneeze in.


4. Early testing

Make sure to get tested as soon as you see any of the five signs. Testing is free in all health facilities in Tanzania. Just drop in and ask for a TB test. Make it as common as testing for malaria whenever you have a fever, and make sure to also refer your friends and relatives. See our testing page for more information.